What Are The Differences and Benefits of Each?

You’ve certainly heard of yoga and Pilates before. These are two similar and vastly popular forms of exercise, which is why many people question the differences and benefits of each. If you’re among the many people who have asked this question, here are the basic origins and benefits to both:

Pilates Origins

This form of exercise dates back to the mid-20th century. It was created by Joseph Pilates and popularized by dancers around the world who frequently use Pilates to aid their training and performance. Though it was originally created to help World War I soldiers with rehabilitation and strengthening, it is now used by anyone and everyone to help improve posture, gracefulness, and body awareness. Some places offer specific Pilates equipment, but don’t fret, you can practice it anywhere, and fancy equipment isn’t necessary.

Pilates Benefits

The main objective for most people when it comes to Pilates is to tone muscles. What’s especially great about this practice is that it works to condition and improve your muscles overly bulking them up. Pilates focuses mainly on core strength, but it still involves the whole body which ultimately improves your posture, balance, and gracefulness, as mentioned above. Like with yoga, Pilates improves your mind to body connection, improves your flexibility, and as with any form of physical exercise, provides you with a sense of well-being, boosting your confidence.

Yoga Origins

Yoga bares a much broader and intimate history than Pilates. It was started over 5,000 years ago in India and has greatly evolved over time to comprise many different styles, though they all still revolve around the greater spiritual aspects of the practice. Yoga creates a connection with the energy that travels through your body to allow you to feel more balanced self, linking your inner self to your outer self, while improving your flexibility and strengthening your body. Like Pilates, yoga can be practiced anywhere and by almost anyone.

Yoga Benefits

Yoga puts a big focus on three things: mind, body, and spirit. The flow of exercises and poses used increases the blood circulation to and from the internal organs and, as mentioned above, increases full-body strength and flexibility while granting an inner sense of peace. Unlike Pilates, the strengthening of the core muscles is not the main focus, but it is an added benefit.

Whether you’re looking to practice yoga or Pilates in Ottawa, it’s always great to stay informed in order to know exactly what is best for you. Many studios and gyms offer a great variety of classes and types of guided exercises. And some classes, routines, and types of exercise will actually combine a number of different strategies and techniques to create new and improved ways to tone, strengthen, and increase flexibility, making it more accessible and compatible for a larger number of people.