Core strength is vital to better posture and improving our every day activities. In our iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre practice, we provide a phenomenal core workout, because we engage our core throughout the ENTIRE class by maintaining a TUCK position, which is why we only do 7-8 minutes of focused abdominal work and 2-3 mins of back extension at the end of class. We aren’t taking it easy on you – we’ve been targeting those muscle groups all along!

Here’s a few tips on tucking to get the MOST out of your every workout:

  • Less is more – when tucking right, left or center, we should barely see your tuck movements if you’re in proper barre posture. This minimal movement (aka isometric movement) concentrates on fatiguing specific core and gluteal muscle groups.
  • Show off a proud chest – In order to create a FULLY neutralized spine/posture (which puts you in the BEST position to maximally gain from your workout), you must lengthening the spine by lifting your chest. This will benefit your practice AND your daily posture. It can help relieve tension in your lower and upper back, which might otherwise cause pain and discomfort.
  • Make that mind-body connection – THINK about the muscle groups you are using when you hold your tuck position throughout the class. Actively engage your abdominal walls, as if you were sucking in your tummy towards your spine. Feel the straightening and lengthening of your spine when you lift your chest proudly, like someone was stretching you from head to toe. By making this mind-body connection you are consciously activating and working these muscles. Try it next time you’re at a class, we promise you’ll thank us later for the added boost to your regular barre class routine!

Having trouble with your tuck or other movements in the class? iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre also offers private classes, where you have a one-on-one session that focuses on YOUR technique so you can maximize your results! The private classes can be tailored to your needs – whether it’s ran as a “regular class” with individualized attention and correction, or focused on areas you would like to improve, we will make it WORK for YOU!