Greg Charron Co-Founder/Owner/Instructor

team_gregGreg Charron grew up in Nepean Ontario. Amongst his family and friends; Greg is well known for his quick whit and humor; as well as being extremely passionate about his son and family. You can always find Greg with a huge smile on his face making others around him feel great; laughter follows him everywhere. Growing up he spent a lot of time with his Dad, learning a number of trades; (it is these skills that lead him to finalizing the build out of this very studio). In his later teens fitness became a huge passion of his. Following the industries top fitness fanatics, Greg picked up every fitness magazine out there and educated himself on training and nutrition. He discovered what it took and experienced firsthand how great it felt to live in a healthy, fit, energized transformed body. Quickly he became the go-to guy for information on training techniques, nutrition, cutting body fat and fitness programs. Greg first discovered Barre workouts in Austin, TX while visiting the love of his life/partner of the studio Janine Goulet. Greg had just completed a body building show and had no idea what to expect, however he was quickly humbled 5 minutes into the class and would bet any of his buddies $100 this technique would kick their butt! Immediately Greg and Janine knew they had to bring this technique back to Canada. It follows everything Greg has always preached about – work smart not hard – it’s an intelligent fitness and the longevity benefits of this technique are amazing. His fitness background coupled with 10 years experiences in business-to-business sales and successfully owning and operating a Landscaping company has molded Greg into the inspiration he is today. Wait till you take his class 😉

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