We’ve been going to iNSiDE Out since it first opened. Living in the neighbourhood, we curiously watched as the STUDiO was being built, sneaking glimpses into the space, wondering what this ‘iNSiDE Out’ was. Little did we know that we’d be spending hours in that very same space every week.

We weren’t sure what to expect that first class, but we were hooked early on. From day 1, Janine and Greg were super welcoming. At first they’d be running the studio and doing all the teaching, working long hours, but always with a smile. For Val, who’s been doing yoga for years, it was something new that combined multiple workouts in one succinct one-hour class. For Sean, it was a nice compliment to his martial arts background and he was quickly surprised by the soreness he would feel the next day despite using light weights and small isometric movements.
We loved the beautiful STUDiO, the instructors, the desk staff and feeling part of the iNSiDE Out family. We got to know the instructors along the way and each had their own unique style while still giving us the great workout we loved.

It’s nice for both of us to be able to work out together and to motivate each other. For Sean, who works as an engineer and sits at a desk for most of the day, the focus on posture in class has been very positive. Although sometimes having to be coaxed to go to class by his loving wife, he never regrets a workout and has been known to go to class on his own at times as well. For Val, her workouts at iNSiDE Out helped get her through her medical training. After a long day at the hospital or after catching some sleep post-call, a ‪#‎barre‬ ‪#‎workout‬ was always a great stress reliever. Now as a family doctor interested in healthy living, nutrition and prevention, she likes to practice what she preaches to her patients and finds that going to classes a few times per week is a great way to help her stay fit and healthy.

Thank you to the whole iNSiDE Out family for your warmth, positivity and motivation!”
– Sean Burrows and Valerie Hertzog