“As I approached 55, with all of my creaking, snapping and painful joints, I needed a way to exercise that was low-impact while still providing a full-body workout. I had been doing power pump and boot camp twice a week, and riding (dressage) once a week. It kept me in pretty reasonable shape, but I was beating up my joints. I lost the use of the horse I was riding, and had an ankle injury that took a long time to heal, so I lost a good deal of fitness. My wife had been going to iNSiDE Out for about a month and suggested I give it a try.

I had my first class in February and have been trying to get in 3 visits a week ever since. I see real improvement in my flexibility, strength and stamina. What I particularly like about STUDiO barre classes are the instructors! They are all diligent about correcting your form and encouraging you to work to your fullest ability. I also like that the workout is all about what you put into it. If you are having a lower-energy day, you can still get great benefit from the hour by giving all you have that day, and no one is watching that you aren’t lifting the same weight you did yesterday, they’re just making sure you are doing it all properly and reminding you to give all you have.”


Scouter Dan
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