He is a very special guest to us at iNSiDE Out. When we opened our doors for the first time in Jan 2012, Kevin was the VERY FIRST person to walk in. As eager as we were to bring STUDiO barre to Ottawa, we were grateful that Kevin was just as excited and open to discovering what STUDiO barre is all about.
Here is Kevin’s story:

“I have been going to iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre since it opened in January of 2012. I was eager to start the transformation of my body and was so happy the STUDiO was right around the corner from my house. I don’t know about you folks but being within walking distance of your workout studio is key to keeping on track. If you have to brush down the car in the winter or drive any distance it can be easy to just not go.

I signed up for the 8:30am class and showed up to start my first class. Janine and Greg were both there to meet me and to my surprise I was the only participant. I thought “uh oh” I can’t hide behind others and try and fake my way through this. You see I actually thought I was in shape.

Janine taught me that first class and it was tough. She could see I was going to be in a world of pain. However, I returned for another class and again I was the only participant in Janine’s class. The third time Greg taught me and I was beginning to think that this was cool “private lessons” but not so cool if they can’t make a go of it. I loved the workout so much that I wanted to be sure it would work for them. Happily it has and I am a regular. My goal is to go every other day. Sometimes I skip a day when my body is screaming for rest, but otherwise I stick to the routine.

I am very very happy with the results. No other workout that I have done has ever gotten me results like STUDiO barre. I believe it is because the instructors push you to your limit, which the body needs in order to transform itself. The other day I got in the hot tub with some friends and they asked me how I stay so fit. I feel pretty good when I get a comment like that and I know where to direct them so that they too can get fit.

Oh and by the way, my golf game has improved tremendously. It may just be wisdom has taught me to play the correct shot but you can also make that good shot because your body is fit. My sons are avid golfers and will one day be better than me – but not yet thanks to iNSiDE Out.”
– Kevin Hayes