“I celebrated my 2 year anniversary at iNSiDE Out STUDIO barre in February 2016 and I have been pretty much addicted to the workout since I sweated through my first class. Over the years, I have joined virtually every bigger fitness facility in the city and although I would be very enthusiastic for a couple of months, inevitably I always stopped going. I wasn’t born with the slim gene or an overactive metabolism, so exercise is really a must in order to maintain a healthy weight. Traditional cardio exercises have been difficult since I was diagnosed with asthma/borderline COPD in my early 20’s and now that I am getting older, exercise is even more important so that I will be able to stay active for the next 40 years. For many reasons, doing these classes has become a pleasant necessity for me.

The classes at iNSiDE Out are extremely challenging and yet fun at the same time. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and will ensure that you are in the right position to get the maximum results. It is a complete body workout which is a combination of isometrics, pilates and yoga, so although you work your muscles to the point of exhaustion there is just the right amount of stretching for recovery. The segments of the class are just the right length of time to end when you think you can’t take it anymore and after your first class you will be thinking that you won’t be walking right the next day but the structure of the class is designed so that each guest can go at their own pace – no matter what your fitness level you are guaranteed to get a great workout!

When I first started going to these classes, I would jokingly say that my favourite part of the class was when the curtains would open but the reality is that I can’t imagine this not being a part of my fitness routine for the rest of my life. I really love it and the effect that it is having on my body and in turn my long-term attitude to optimal health. My posture has vastly improved and I no longer have lower back problems. My clothes all fit more loosely since I have gone down a full pant size and I am overall a leaner and stronger person.

Thanks to Janine and Greg and all of the iNSiDE Out STUDiO staff for making working out a truly enjoyable and motivating experience! So far, I have attended 167 classes and I look forward to getting my “200 Club” band soon.”