The Importance of Exercising and Eating Right

Summer has officially arrived, and we Canadians are getting outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. We’re stashing away our winter wardrobes and are breaking out our t-shirts and shorts. Without the bulky sweaters and coats to hide behind, it’s that time of year where many of us realize that while our minds are summer ready – the rest of us may not be.  We are reminded of our New Year’s fitness goals, and our less-than-stellar dedication to those goals become all too real. This sudden revelation might prompt us to fall for gimmicky diets, splurge on diet pills and protein shakes, and a sudden fitness burst on the treadmill to compensate for those “cozy” winter months.

Wanting to get fit and healthy is never a bad thing. But if you want real results that last, you must undergo a lifestyle change. The key to fitness and health is dedication; you must be dedicated to the process. While that sounds intimidating, the two key ingredients in a body that leaves you feeling good about yourself are simpler than we make for ourselves. You’ve probably heard it before, but a healthy diet and regular exercise are key in achieving your fitness goals and living a healthy lifestyle.

Finding Time to Exercise

Integrating physical activity is easier than ever nowadays. There is a wide variety of gyms, at-home programs, and classes that are widely available to fit into our busy schedules. One great example is barre fitness. Ottawa residents are getting more and more enthusiastic about this eclectic program that incorporates a wide variety of techniques that achieves a balance of physical activity and mental stimulation. If you’re interested in learning more about the barre workout, Ottawa has a barre facility dedicated to sharing this effective technique.

Your Food Choices Make a Huge Difference!

For many people the hardest part of getting fit is changing your diet. With fast food and junky snacks so readily available, it is hard not to fall into the mentality that if you exercise, you can eat whatever you want. It is vitally important to understand that the foods you eat give you the energy to start and stay dedicated to your physical fitness goals.

In order to stay energized, your body needs foods that are easy to digest and packed with vitamins and minerals. If you’re eating a lot of food that’s heavy in saturated sugars and fats, you’ll find yourself slowing down, felling tired and sluggish. Your body uses more energy digesting the saturated fats; so you’re even more tired than before you ate. Healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, are easier to digest, conserving your energy for other activities. They also contain natural energy-boosting minerals such as manganese that replaces any energy used during digestion.

In conclusion, the most important part of getting fit is dedication. In order to stay dedicated, get active every day (even if it’s for a quick, 15 minute walk), and make sure you’re eating foods that will boost your energy. Junk food may taste great, but it will leave you feeling tired and unmotivated.

Summer is here, and when you feel good inside and out, you’ll be able to experience your summer to the fullest!