Great Places in Ottawa to Enjoy an Outdoor Workout

Starting a fitness routine in Ottawa is easier than ever nowadays; but maintaining an active lifestyle is another story. When you find a work-out plan that fits your schedule, things can start to feel a little monotonous. Now that the weather outside isn’t as frightful, working out or simply warming up outdoors is a great way to change up your usual routine.

Depending on where you live in Ottawa, that idea may sound a little strange. Ottawa is well known for being a government town that’s jam packed with museums and historical sights. What some of you may not know is that there are many outdoor workout havens to find and explore. Whether you enjoy biking, jogging, or yoga there are some great, scenic areas to liven up your routine (with the added bonus of being completely free to use).

Ottawa fitness is booming indoors and out; here are a few examples to get some outdoor fitness inspiration.

Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk

Don’t let the word bog scare you. The Mer Bleue bog is a long trail of intersecting pathways located inside the Ottawa Greenbelt and is found atop one of Canada’s most renowned peat bogs.

The hiking trail includes six kilometers of beautiful marshland and forestry. Whether you want to take a casual stroll across the marshes’ boardwalk or traverse the birch and spruce tree filled trails, the Mer Bleue bog is a peaceful and visually breathtaking spot to check out.

Greens Creek

If you’re looking for something a little dryer, the Greens Creek trails, located in Blackburn Hamlet, are another great set of hiking and biking paths. As you walk along the heavily-wooded trails, you can hear the gentle patter of the creek as you go.

If you want a more intense outdoor workout, the Hornets’ Nest soccer fields are located right at the opening of the trails and are open for you to join a team, or if you just want to utilize the open space for your preferred fitness routine.

Capital Pathway, a.k.a. The Bike Path

The benefit of this area is in the title (or nickname in this case). Biking enthusiasts in Ottawa have lovingly given the Capital Pathway a fitting name. The 220 km stretch of concrete pathways run along many local parks and the Ottawa River. Bustling with activity, not just biking, you will feel right at home getting your daily workout done along this pathway.

Rideau Canal

Visit any fitness blog, or ask any outdoor Ottawa fitness enthusiast, and the Rideau Canal will almost certainly be mentioned—earning it a well-deserved spot on this list. Located conveniently in the downtown area, the Rideau Canal is a great mix of running paths and grassy hills (perfect for you to stop and stretch).

Also, as we all know, the best part of any work out is that rewarding feeling afterwards. Unlike the other areas mentioned, the Rideau Canal is right next to many restaurants and cafes. So get your workout in, and enjoy a post-workout cool down at a local hot spot!

Ottawa has many great outdoor workout spots at every end of the city. It’s time to get outside and revamp your fitness routine. Make sure you take advantage of some of the great Ottawa scenery today!