Is Joining a Barre Studio the Fitness Solution You’ve Been Looking For?

Wanting to get into better shape is a goal many people share. Seeing that goal through, however, is far less common, largely because it can become incredibly overwhelming to start your health regime. It’s not just the effort required to achieve your goals—you know the old saying, “No pain, no gain,” and you’re prepared to work hard for what you want—it’s just that you’re not even sure where to start. You’ve walked into a gym and you probably don’t know what half the machines are for, nor are you sure of  what weight and how many reps are appropriate for your fitness level. A quick glance at the cost of a personal trainer make your wallet cry, and all of your friends have vastly different ideas about how you should pursue your goals. But have you considered joining a class at a fitness studio? There are many benefits to this approach as compared to joining a gym.


As we mentioned before, joining a traditional gym can be daunting for beginners if you don’t have any guidance. Having a workout buddy is a great way to get around this, but sometimes no one’s available for your schedule. If you take a class at a barre studio, you’ll be with other like-minded people, many of whom are also beginners, and you’ll be taught in a comfortable and open environment where you’ll be able to work towards more ambitious goals naturally.

Community and Accountability

When you join a class at a fitness studio, you’re bound to make friends. You might also make friends at the gym, but many people are in their own private zone, wearing headphones while they focus on their workout. When you make friends in your fitness class, you become part of a community—and suddenly, you’re no longer letting only yourself down by skipping a day you’d normally spend exercising. Accountability goes a long way!


When you join a gym, you have access to all kinds of equipment that you can use in many different ways; but if you’re designing your own workouts, it can be easy to get locked into a counterproductive pattern. Variety is important in fitness. Take a barre studio, for instance. The style blends elements of strength training, Pilates, yoga, and of course the eponymous ballet barre to create a well-rounded workout that uses the best of each technique to train and tone the body.

Moving Forward

If you decide that you want a more hands-on approach after you’ve built a solid foundation during a group class, many fitness studios offer one-on-one sessions. By starting with a group class, you’re creating opportunities to discover your strengths and weaknesses, and if you choose to make the transition to a solo class (or even take one as a supplement to the group sessions), then you’ll have the opportunity to focus on the areas you feel you need the most improvement.

If you’re interest in the benefits of getting fit in a group environment, you can sign up for classes at a barre studio today!