How Barre Workouts Prevent Injury and Help Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

Most people are aware of the importance of fitness in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what most people don’t consider is that traditional fitness regimes that include high-impact exercises like jogging can be hard on the body, and especially on the joints. Sometimes these workouts can even encourage injury, or exacerbate an injury you already have. In these cases, it is important to consider a low-impact workout regime, such as barre workouts, that reduces strain on your joints and muscles. In fact, not only does low-impact fitness reduce your risk of injury, it can also be an extremely effective means of exercise.

There are many options to incorporate low-impact workouts into your fitness regime. Even if you are a marathon runner and train regularly, it’s good to give those knees a break once in a while. Consider hopping on an elliptical, or going for a nature hike. If there are no good mountains or hills nearby to increase the level of difficulty, find a staircase and do a simple stair workout.

Any exercise done in water is also low-impact, easy on the joints while providing all the benefits of a high-impact workout. For example, swimming laps increases endurance while also building shoulder muscle. For those who experience a lot of joint pain, water aerobics is a great way to get in a good workout while minimizing pain.

Other exercises that are slow and controlled offer increased benefits, such as strength training and flexibility. Pilates and exercises using elastics or ropes for resistance are some of the best ways to build muscle strength and tone your body. Yoga and dance also increase endurance while improving flexibility and mind/body connection.

A great way to combine the benefits of dance, Pilates, and yoga is by doing a workout at the barre. Barre fitness provides a low-impact and injury-free work out that builds and tones your muscle, increases your flexibility, and reduces body fat while being rehabilitative. Doing a workout at the barre is appropriate for anyone seeking to make a healthy change in their lives.

There are many benefits to low-impact exercise beyond reduced strain and potential for injury, such as improvements in cardiovascular health and weight loss. When our joints hurt or we experience injury, it can keep us from participating in activities that keep us fit. By doing a low-impact workout, we get the benefits of traditional exercise without encouraging or perpetuating injury.