Will a STUDiO barre class help me lose weight?

Muscle burns fat. STUDiO barre classes will help you increase your lean muscle mass, which will in turn assist you in burning more calories. Losing weight is based on your commitment to exercise and eating habits. Within 10-15 classes you’ll begin to feel and see results in your body. This technique coupled with a nutritious eating plan can offer results even faster. We even offer one-on-one nutrition consultations that teach you about the foods that are best for your body, the right time of day to consume those foods, and ideal portion sizes for your body weight.

How does STUDiO barre sculpt the body?

STUDiO barre is an intelligent fitness technique that uses a number of exercises to strengthen and lengthen every muscle group in the body, which results in major fat-burning. Using tiny isometric movements, we isolate your muscles to rapidly change muscle shape. It’s a low-impact, 60-minute workout that uses a ballet barre, free weights, exercise balls, resistance bands, stall bar, and mats along with your own body weight to produce:

  • A lifted seat
  • Toned arms
  • Defined hamstrings
  • A flat abdominal wall
  • Increased strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased energy
  • Improved posture
Do I need any experience to take STUDiO barre classes?

No experience is needed! That’s the beauty of STUDiO barre—anyone can do it. STUDiO barre uses basic movements, which means that you can control how advanced your personal barre technique is by deepening the pose/movements. As you become more familiar with the technique by attending more classes, you will begin to master the magic of the “tuck” which will enhance your STUDiO barre experience.

Is STUDiO barre aerobic?

Yes. However, STUDiO barre is not your typical aerobics class. STUDiO barre classes use interval training that challenges your overall strength and endurance throughout the 60 minutes. Interval training leads to improved performance within the cardiovascular system and helps prevent injuries that are often associated with repetitive endurance exercises.

Is STUDiO barre for men?

ABSOLUTELY! Men who have done STUDiO barre love the challenge, and feel just as challenged by the technique as women are (most expressing how high in intensity the classes are). Men love STUDiO barre just as much as other forms of fitness. Gender does not matter here; everyone is welcome!

How is STUDiO barre different from other forms of group fitness?

Hands-on adjustments. STUDiO barre teachers are trained to be amazing instructors as well as coaches of the technique. STUDiO barre instructors offer a lot of hands-on corrections to help guests master the “tuck” and to perform the movements at a micro-movement level. We do everything in inches at the STUDiO and we work with our guests to improve muscle memory and efficiency. The personal attention we give to our guests is unlike what you’ll see at regular group fitness classes.

How often should I take STUDiO barre classes?

To get the best results from iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre, we recommend that you come to class 3-5 times each week. Beginners are encouraged to attend classes often to gain a better understanding of the positions and to build muscle memory and efficiency. Always remember: balance is key and our bodies need rest. If we over-train, our bodies will release cortisol which inhibits fat burning and throws all your hard work out the window.

What do you do in a STUDiO barre class?

At iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre, classes are full body 60-minute workouts accompanied with upbeat music to pump you up and get you excited.

We begin with a warm-up and a sequence of upper body exercises including push ups, planks, and free weights to target biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest muscles, and back muscles. Then we move to the ballet barre to begin our leg/thigh and seat/buttocks work, followed by abdominal work at the barre and on the mats. Tiny, intense isometric movements are used to tone muscles, increase their definition, and fully stretch them upon completion of each set of exercises for each muscle group. Instructors are there to offer you personalized attention to perfect your posture in order for you to maximize results.

What is the benefit of using a ballet barre in your workout?

Technique is crucial and the ballet barre helps you better target all the major muscle groups. It assists you in balancing and properly positioning the body while they build resistance and strength.

Why does STUDiO barre focus so much on core strength (abdominal/back muscles)?

As much as we all love a trim waistline, looking smaller, and appearing tall and confident, those are simply the results that are built on a strong core. What’s more important with building a strong core is on the iNSiDE: it lessens back pain and improves your posture. A lot of people hear the word “core” and assume we are just talking about abdominal muscles. STUDiO barre works the entire core. Strong abdominal muscles + strong back muscles = a strong core.

Why does STUDiO barre use stall bars?

Stall bars are an excellent tool for developing strength, conditioning, and flexibility. A stall bar is a specially designed piece of gymnastic equipment that has been around for over 100 years. Guests are welcome to come in before or after class to hang from the stall bars to help release upper and lower body tightness. Speak to our team about other additional exercises you can do on the stall bars.

Can I take STUDiO barre classes if I am pregnant?

Always seek approval from your doctor before engaging in physical activity throughout your entire pregnancy. Every woman is different and each stage of pregnancy requires careful consideration. That being said, most barre work is upright and helps strengthen key areas for pregnant women including hips, back, and legs. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend avoiding belly lying, twists, deep forward folds, deep back bends, or inversions. Pregnant women should also not hang from the stall bar.