A Brief History of Ballet Barre

To understand how ballet barre technique came to be, we have to turn back the hands of time and take a brief look at its illustrious history. At iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre, our amazing instructors have infused their own style and flair into a classic technique that was first developed in 1959 by Lotte Berk, a German ballerina living in London whose repertoire afforded her the opportunity to teach the likes of Joan Collins and Barbara Streisand.

Lotte Berk’s barre method was born out of what was an unfortunate stroke of bad luck in the form of a back injury. She decided to take something bad and make something good out of it, with the idea to combine ballet exercises with her rehabilitative therapy, creating a brand new workout technique. In retrospect, the pain she endured was the flame that would ignite millions of people around the world with a desire to move like a dancer, even if they hadn’t the first clue about what it meant to be one.

An American student of Berk, Lydia Bach, brought the method back to the United States in the 1970s and incorporated the technique with modern exercise and sports science with muscular development. Over the years, dancers and fitness instructors alike have taken the method and made it their own. Popular exercises and studios inspired by her method began taking root in major cities all around the United States and would eventually cross the border into Canada—not to mention the strong global presence of ballet barre. What was considered a specialty workout that addressed a niche market of lithe and nimble women became a fitness technique that benefits people of all genders, all ages, all shapes and all sizes. Barre fitness was spreading like wildfire.

Ballet Barre: Our Method Transforms You from the iNSiDE Out

Much like the original ballet barre method, we use targeted body-sculpting movements to create a leaned and toned physique. It is a high-intensity yet low-impact exercise that works the entire body with a focus on building a strong core. People often make the mistake of assuming your core only consists of abdominal muscles, and discount the fact your core is also composed of back muscles. With a strong core, you can achieve postural balance and strength.

In our classes, we fatigue each major muscle group using tiny isometric movements to burn away fat, sculpt the muscle, and protect your joints. Not only will you benefit from ballet movements and exercises, but you will experience the wonders of yoga, Pilates, and strength training for a complete, full-body workout.

It brings us great pride to know that we’ve helped countless members improve the health of their bodies and minds, no matter who they are or where they come from. Ballet barre is for you if:

  • You sit at a desk all day and feel that your posture is suffering
  • You want to get stronger
  • You want to build definition in your arms
  • You want to get a butt your friends will wish they had
  • You want to decrease your body fat percentage
  • You want to build confidence in your personal and professional life

We could make a list that goes on and on, but you get the gist of it. Come into our STUDiO and see for yourself how ballet barre can change your life!


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