People will rarely remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel!

iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre is Ottawa’s first barre based specialized fitness studio. It is a unique, intelligent fitness that creates a long, lean, toned physique with the use of targeted body-sculpting movements. The technique is a complete full body, high energy; low impact workout. For 60 mins we fatigue each major muscle group using tiny isometric movements to burn away fat, sculpt the muscle and protect your joints. STUDiO barre is a combination of barre, yoga, pilates and strength training; four tried and true methods married into one new technique to effectively give men and women the body they’ve always wanted. It quickly and safely reshapes and elongates your muscles; producing a lifted seat, tight abs, strong thighs, defined arms, and improved posture. STUDiO barre is based on the Lotte Berk method that’s been around for over four decades. With the use of proven, result focused, dance conditioning movements and stretching to elongate the muscles; for the first time ever you don’t have to be a dancer to get a dancer’s body.

STUDiO Etiquette

Arrive to class on time; sorry, no latecomers, if it’s your first class please come 15 mins early. Upon arrival, please remove your shoes (boots etc). Please silence your cell phones upon entering the studio, absolutely no cell phones or other mobile devices are permitted in the studio barre classroom. Sign in at the desk before entering the change room. There are no bags or personal belongings allowed in the studio barre classroom, please leave them in the change room or your locker. Wear socks in the studio at all times, be courteous to others. (Men’s and Women’s bathrooms and showers available.)


What to bring for class:

  • socks (STUDiO barre sticky socks are available to purchase in the studio)
  • reusable water bottle
  • wear clothing you feel comfortable getting sweaty in
  • towel if you want to shower after class
  • lock for locker